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Pence 60777278912 A-55895727 D-2389118610 F-385510 H-76 F-190710 C-4807@Precincts Reporting: 1379/1379 (Precincts Partially Reported: 0)12 B-188992411 E-71046Buda8249 F-1010 F-11692 Garfield #112 A-81041 Rock Creek10 E-1710 F-6774574103391085781012 B-410 B-110 G-287476011 D-2629 Middle Creek5941541Precinct94329411 A-112910 E-1577667692989482910 A10 B-4Yankee Hill East7806325809 B-19764329 E-49 E-510 H-39 E-19 E-2596932=Results provided by the Office of Nebraska Secretary of State83249612 G-2116712 D11 E-3648 Waverly #26652 D-34482 D-22 D-189621112 D-512 A-469910 F-296510 H-610 C-78179 G-49 G-56517 A9 G-6899 Waverly South9 G-74 A9 G-13 A9 G-22 A9349 G-31 A9 G-8162115329 G-910 D-37677203 D620Hickman8 A10529036 E-26 E-110 G-5Stockton68710 F-1083673912 C-7470853Yankee Hill WestNew/Former Resident725625790142869012721 D-81 D-910 F-1610 H-21 D-41 D-510 E-111 D-6 Stevens Creek1 D-71 D-11 D-212 G-1 Waverly North75810 E-1477511329 A-110 F-58 C-2116592710 C-6 Saltillo #176110 F-1466112 B-76951 F-15 B-171310 G-111 E-51 F-25 E-81 F-35 E-977710 D-25775 E-311525 E-45 E-59135 E-611 A-25 E-79 C-18301055546Grant #110 G-4TOTALS69710286025021 D-1094674964912 C-66 A-196386312 F80210 E-594911 E-1068312 A-755210 F-1Elk9 H-48831 B9 H-59 H-610 H-59 H-72049 H-19 H-29 H-37219 H-810 E-811 E-1668101270737Grant #21353710 F-1210 F-4148655410 H-8454Oak117610 E-1078877168812 B-6110810 C-12488 North Bluff97112 C-2823 Countywide79110 E-11 E-88401 E-98091 E-41 E-510 E-161 E-610 B-210 G-71 E-78911 E-22150%Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris 1 E-385610 D-865910 H-1Grant #381210 E-4745645528 Saltillo #210 F-1566256215615 C-15 C-310 H-4139910 C-512 B-2DentonJo Jorgensen and Jeremy Cohen 11 E-69 F-11678Panama6829 D-174710 D-164770083112 A-9 South Pass10 F-77642 C-35642 C-22 C-194710 C-884729810 G-3864Grant #41357*2020 General Election - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS9 F-410 D-49 F-5750550_For President and Vice President of the United States - Congressional District 1 - 0 (Nebraska)9 F-19 F-29 F-3\\EE~~22||//rr\\IIOO!!aaLL  3 3 o o 1 1 j j B   , e*-4=GQV  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} } @.} %} @      w  - q N =  U  w@`m@3@ ] @ ~@:@ m @@d@7@   x@q@3@ |  p@ ~@D@   @{@z@,@ G   w@`r@3@   @`x@=@  Pr@t@@ J {@|@0@ * {@~@&@ 0 @`@F@ Q ;@y@@@ ` >{@v@5@ 4 3@u@ {@,@ ! 4y@0s@B@  6x@|@ @  9{@w@4@ k /`u@y@3@ " 1`@@@@  @`w@?@ A p{@@w@9@  @@I@  @@i@6@ ' h@v@7@  gr@m@9@ vBXF8888888888888888888888888 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? e py@x@9@  !v!@`~@;@ !: "u"|@|@7@ "i #s#k@l@4@ # $z$? $ %%@pq@?@ % &&@a@M@@ & ''X@`e@5@ '\ ((@e@7@ (j )N) w@e@0@ ) *O*}@`d@(@ * ++`|@@z@6@ +w ,,y@u@5@ , --`v@`p@"@ -J ..@~@z@4@ .V //u@v@0@ / 00{@ {@0@ 0W 11pv@p|@"@ 1+ 22@d@8@ 2 3 3@@j@=@ 3 44@e@*@ 4  55X@`j@6@ 5! 6)6h@q@@@ 60 77؀@Pp@>@ 7 8#8@j@:@ 8` 99t@Z@ @ 9t ::X@m@C@ :B ;;@]@,@ ;G <_<{@e@3@ < ==@e@0@ =! >[>z@@^@1@ > ?e?0@i@1@ ?>D l8888888888888888888888888888888@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_ @f@ @ j@"@ @ AbA8@@k@ @ AF BcBx@e@&@ BT CxC8@ q@1@ CC DyD@`u@7@ DA EzEz@`u@&@ E\ FrF`x@q@4@ FZ GtG}@r@7@ G- HHq@l@,@ HH I5Iu@ n@1@ IL JWJr@q@(@ Jg KKy@z@.@ K? 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