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McManaman be retained in office? - 6 Year Term (Nebraska)11 E-7Buda9 F-1010 F-11492657 Garfield #1557112712 A-8 Rock Creek10 E-1710 F-6574626 Yes 42612 B-432610 B-110 G-211 D-2660729629 Middle Creek694594Precinct42911 A-110 E-1557647610 A10 B-4Yankee Hill East7326805809 B-15329 E-49 E-510 H-34797969 E-16969 E-2932596701=Results provided by the Office of Nebraska Secretary of State12 G-239650112 D11 E-3765 Waverly #26655482 D-32 D-24652 D-17172 D-512 A-410 F-284863410 H-643410 C-79 G-49 G-57 A6519 G-6 Waverly South9 G-74 A9 G-13513 A9 G-22 A7039 G-31 A5039 G-89 G-910 D-36673 DHickman8 A4673676 E-26 E-110 G-5Stockton65358710 F-1038783673967057012 C-753988439270887Yankee Hill West5084085254905421 D-81 D-910 F-1610 H-21 D-41 D-510 E-111 D-6 Stevens Creek1 D-71 D-11 D-261112 G-1 Waverly North10 E-145584757275279 A-110 F-56445448 C-210 C-6 Saltillo #110 F-1466112 B-710085954951 F-15 B-171310 G-111 E-51 F-25 E-81 F-35 E-910 D-28615304774305 E-35 E-45 E-55 E-611 A-25 E-75819 C-1746877646Grant #110 G-41182TOTALS6975974976021 D-1040264912 C-64496 A-114912 F10 E-511 E-1068353538312 A-710 F-1Elk9 H-41 B6049 H-55049 H-610 H-59 H-74049 H-19 H-29 H-3721 No 5214219 H-810 E-811 E-1668804568046863713Grant #243710 F-129 Lancaster10 F-410 H-8Oak10 E-1050612 B-610 C-12623 North Bluff12 C-2509 Countywide69110 E-11 E-85561 E-94561 E-41 E-510 E-161 E-677310 B-210 G-71 E-71 E-26121 E-351210 D-865955910 H-1459359Grant #310 E-4728693 Saltillo #210 F-155627145 C-16145 C-310 H-421410 C-563112 B-2531Denton1213103577891411 E-69 F-11Panama5785829 D-110 D-170064712 A-9 South Pass30010 F-75642 C-32 C-22 C-110 C-861621610 G-3Grant #4*2020 General Election - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS9169 F-410 D-49 F-56199 F-14849 F-29 F-3120719\\&&aa__  ``KK>>yy((gg77rr((^^  H H z z   D D 9 9 w w X X B    <  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} @ } @}  @@  3  / s  C   "@@@ } @@@x@ iz82*>@d   ,["+4=FO5T  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} } @} @      3  / s P C   Pw@`@   @j@ t y@c@ j  0z@@a@ ;  @`p@ f  x@ b@ #  Py@`@   8@`l@ [ w@Z@ U @@c@  @@`@  ؋@m@ < =X@ j@ b ?@e@  5@@`@ | 6~@`@ P 8@`@  <Ȁ@c@ d 1@|@b@ g 3@`i@ & p@l@  P@i@  8@@s@  }@m@ N mh@k@ 9 l@u@]@ 4BX82222222222222222222222222 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? k @@g@ / !v!@k@ !{ "t"Ȃ@d@ " #s#s@U@ #k $x$ $ %%H@`i@ %( &&^@=@ & ''Px@h@ ' ((z@k@ (0 )O)q@a@ )Q *Q*v@@d@ * ++X@c@ + ,,@^@ ,o --x@R@ - ..@ c@ . //|@X@ /2 00@``@ 0 11@@V@ 1 22}@ q@ 2 3 3@~@l@ 3 44@z@\@ 4 55|@f@ 5U 6+60}@h@ 6B 770~@i@ 7 8%8@d@ 8 99m@`@ 9 ::@i@ : ;;t@`c@ ; <\<s@^@ <, ==|@e@ =* >b>@t@[@ >~ ?c?z@`@ ?CDl2222222222222222222222222222222@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_ @e@@}@ `@ @ A^A}@V@ AM B_B}@W@ B CyC@^@ CB D{DP@@f@ Dd E|E|@]@ E[ FuF`z@^@ F GwG`}@c@ GL HHt@@Y@ H I6IPt@\@ I J^J`v@@[@ J KK؁@T@ K LLPy@@_@ L MMx@@X@ M NN@`b@ N OOy@X@ O PP`y@Z@ P@ QQv@R@ Q RR@@X@ R SSy@W@ S! 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