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Ideus be retained in office? - 6 Year Term (Nebraska)338TOTAL70711 B-160712 A-54075725894894727 D-210 F-37249085552410 H-74246 F-110 C-4741@Precincts Reporting: 1379/1379 (Precincts Partially Reported: 0)12 B-154144111 E-7Buda9 F-1082410 F-11592492657 Garfield #161055712 A-8 Rock Creek10 E-1710 F-6774574474726 Yes 52642612 B-410 B-110 G-264392611 D-2794 Middle Creek594Precinct42911 A-110 E-15118557671561510 A10 B-41703Yankee Hill East9 B-19 E-48159 E-557910 H-39 E-19 E-2701=Results provided by the Office of Nebraska Secretary of State12 G-250139640112 D11 E-3 Waverly #22 D-32 D-22 D-12 D-551712 A-459949910 F-210 H-643410 C-79 G-49 G-57 A6519 G-6 Waverly South5519 G-76855854 A9 G-13 A9 G-22 A9 G-31 A6034039 G-89 G-910 D-37203 D5671068Hickman8 A3678036 E-211336 E-1736920636104410 G-5Stockton68758735310 F-1093667057012 C-71120Yankee Hill West62511536425905423901 D-81 D-910 F-1610 H-21 D-41 D-510 E-111 D-6 Stevens Creek1 D-71 D-17111 D-261112 G-1511 Waverly North10 E-14558575124279 A-110 F-57446448 C-210 C-6 Saltillo #110 F-1466112 B-7695595"Downloaded at 1/16/2021 3:15:37 PM1 F-15 B-110 G-111 E-51 F-25 E-86131 F-35 E-921310 D-26304775305 E-32775 E-45 E-55 E-611 A-25 E-79 C-1646546830Grant #176310 G-4TOTALS6633971 D-1084612035712 C-64496 A-186312 F10 E-511 E-1068363553543521812 A-765210 F-1Elk1527049 H-41 B9 H-55049 H-610 H-59 H-74049 H-19 H-29 H-3 No 5219 H-810 E-876811 E-16688045680Grant #253710 F-129 Lancaster10 F-410 H-8554454Oak70610 E-1050667168812 B-610 C-12488723954523423 North Bluff32380670912 C-2 Countywide69110 E-19091 E-81 E-93561 E-41 E-510 E-161 E-677310 B-210 G-71 E-78911 E-21 E-310 D-865910 H-1459873Grant #3"Downloaded at 1/16/2021 3:15:39 PM10 E-4693528428 Saltillo #210 F-1556210025 C-15 C-310 H-410 C-563112 B-2Denton43111 E-66789 F-11Panama4783789 D-110 D-164712 A-9 South Pass10 F-75642 C-32 C-22 C-1127610 C-829810 G-3633Grant #4433*2020 General Election - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS9 F-410 D-49 F-57196199 F-14194849 F-29 F-3DDPP??8833qqXX  XXrr##__ F F 7 7 u u   O O   t t B    c%  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} @ } @}  @@    + u  B   P@<@  P@<@Pb@ cz82*>@d   ,"+4=FO\T  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} } @} @       M + u N B   `w@`@ & X@@h@ 8 z@`@ j  Pz@ a@   @m@   h@ b@   x@a@   @i@  v@@\@  P@d@  8@_@ * P@`l@  E@j@ 2 FP@@e@ ' <~@@`@  =~@@a@ z ?H@b@  C@c@ ( 9|@`@  :x@ g@  @l@   @ j@  (@ps@ n ~@`k@  m@h@ @ lt@]@ "BX82222222222222222222222222 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? k @`f@  !m!@i@ ! 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