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Bishop be retained in office? - 6 Year Term (Nebraska)474 Yes 12 B-422610 B-110 G-254344334311 D-2560 Middle Creek529Precinct36032926029411 A-110 H-1010 E-1537651527610 A10 B-45804804329 E-49 E-510 H-33799 E-19 E-2=Results provided by the Office of Nebraska Secretary of State49612 G-239629612 D11 E-3 Waverly #2665@Precincts Reporting: 1323/1323 (Precincts Partially Reported: 0)2 D-32 D-23482 D-151712 A-441739929910 F-210 H-69 G-49 G-57 A9 G-6 Waverly South9 G-74514 A9 G-13513 A9 G-22 A9 G-37031 A4039 G-89 G-910 D-37203 DHickman8514678 A3206 E-26 E-133610 G-5Stockton65312 A-1155358738710 F-101 D-1118712 C-74708843933960842532510 G-85424423901 D-81 D-910 F-1610 H-21 D-41 D-510 E-111 D-6 Stevens Creek1 D-71 D-11 D-212 G-14111013311 Waverly North5 E-1110 E-145583583755273279 A-110 F-510 H-98 C-210 C-6 Saltillo #110 F-141 F-412 B-74615953613951 F-15 B-110 G-111 E-51 F-25 E-81 F-35 E-931310 D-25303774305 E-33302775 E-45 E-511 A-25 E-79 C-148154644610 B-310 G-4TOTALS4633632631 D-1040230212 C-66 A-112 F10 E-511 E-1041838343531833512 A-755235210 F-1Elk1529 H-41 B9 H-59 H-610 H-59 H-74049 H-19 H-29 H-3621 No 9 H-859 H-910 E-811 E-1121468010 F-12437337 Lancaster23710 F-410 H-8Oak10 E-1040612 B-657147110 C-12388 North Bluff*2022 General Election - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS32354012 C-2440Grant409 Countywide49139110 E-11 E-81 E-912 B-91 E-41 E-510 E-161 E-610 B-210 G-71 E-74731 E-26121 E-327351210 D-831210 H-145935910 E-4528428445328 Saltillo #210 F-156624625 C-16145 C-310 H-431410 C-512 B-2Denton431 Nemaha #1 Nemaha #223111 E-6846619 F-11Panama3782789 D-138210 D-112 A-9500347400 South Pass14710 F-72 C-35642 C-23642 C-110 C-871651659810 G-32339 F-410 D-49 F-55849 F-13504849 F-29 F-3284==RRWW  66rr!!__TTXX>>vv) ) g g N N F F 5 5 B      dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} @ } @}  @@  ;  h "  =    `&@`@ X `&@`@P@ _z82*>@d   ,'_"e+m4u=}FOS  dMbP?_*+%&ffffff?'ffffff?(?)?"dXX333333?333333?U} @} @} @      ;  h " I =    b@@R@ ' y@c@  @U@P@   o@@^@   y@`g@ o  v@_@   `o@Z@ 5  t@@a@  `p@@X@ A pr@`@ D s@Z@  pt@b@  r@[@ b 8@o@_@  :m@@a@  0r@[@  1o@@[@ j 3@v@[@  6n@`a@  -`q@ `@ ! .~@@`@ 3  i@b@  m@`@ " @s@_@  p@]@ ^ s@d@ BX82222222222222222222222222 !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>? k p@@]@  !i!q@]@ !p "g"m@[@ "b #l#@j@@Y@ # $j$y@c@ $ %i%r@a@ % &~&p@^@ &\ ''O@:@ ' ({(0q@`@ ( ))p@b@ ) *K*b@@U@ *q +M+v@@d@ +R ,,i@@\@ , -- q@\@ -  ..`|@Z@ .F //`|@c@ /9 00s@@^@ 0& 11p}@U@ 1 22\@A@ 2e 33Pq@ d@ 3 4 4r@e@ 4J 55`|@d@ 5 66v@@d@ 6H 7v7m@a@ 7[ 8#8q@`@ 8 99e@Y@ 9S ::q@c@ :X ;;j@@^@ ; <<o@`@ <^ =]=Pq@ `@ = >]>0u@^@ >@ ?^?Pw@@Y@ ?<Dl2222222222222222222222222222222@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_ @Y@p@Q@ @ AZAPx@V@ AW BvBw@\@ B* CyCx@e@ Ch DzDt@@[@ D& ErE@q@Y@ EQ FtFq@Z@ F GGr@[@ G HYH@i@W@ HM I|I{@@Y@ I+ JJr@Z@ J KKo@S@ K LtLq@@]@ L MuMt@`@ M NwNp@U@ N5 OyOp@U@ OD PPv@[@ PJ QQp@V@ Q RRw@Q@ Rz SSr@Y@ Sc TT0u@Z@ TE UUt@Y@ U VVp@U@ Vw WWt@@Z@ W XXr@@T@ X[ Y Yl@Q@ Yq Z Zx@[@ Z [T[w@@a@ [m \@\0u@k@ \ ]4]g@T@ ] ^^g@U@ ^; _U_t@_@ _Dl2222222222222222222222222222222`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~ ``v@a@ ` a(ak@\@ a bPb0p@@V@ bk cc e@V@ c7 dld`e@N@ dV ee@s@@T@ e$ f_fk@O@ f{ gg@z@d@ gV hh``@L@ h isiq@a@ io j=j`v@_@ jx k,k n@J@ kM lBl0w@ `@ la mm`q@`@ m6 nnt@\@ nC o o@r@W@ o pp0v@_@ p qqh@P@ q rrs@]@ r ss y@@a@ s$ tPt`q@T@ tJ u2u@a@ u v9v@t@@]@ v, wwh@@Q@ w xrxd@O@ x? y%yp@K@ y> zzr@Y@ z {{t@Z@ { |:|m@R@ |O }f}x@W@ } ~~0v@Z@ ~ 0pw@@^@ `Dl2222222222222222222222222222222 q@Z@  {@]@  Hs@[@  r@T@ \ Pv@T@  A`}@`@  pu@W@ S ps@V@  o@S@   Py@[@ n 5`q@S@ 5 q@F@ K ?`|@U@  8@W@ L [x@b@  N@@ a@ 2  v@@Z@ @ sЁ@`@  &@ c@ g Pq@R@  0p@S@  Ov@Z@  Nl@@c@  g@[@ c r@`@  E c@U@  o@Z@  ew@@c@  c@Z@  W s@``@  . k@@U@   h@U@ Dl2222222222222222222222222222222 n w@f@   r@]@  {@`d@  4Pt@S@  `p@W@  H@`h@ m y@a@  )Pq@`@  Qo@Y@ } >r@@Y@  p@@^@  pr@X@ + w@ b@  /y@ a@  %0y@f@ u f@T@ L |@o@  d@v@d@  @n@X@ - k@@Z@ F a0t@b@ 7 /l@@W@ # 0w@c@ C R@@i@ 1 t@_@  '0y@a@ B @j@  Gi@S@ \ T0t@Z@  UW@;@  !@@   @t@@\@ Dl2222222222222222222222222222222@ Zm@U@  8l@U@  ؀@f@  Gr@^@  dPr@]@ ( ~@e@ I v@@X@  f`k@Z@  Pz@`g@  x{@ b@  `v@@c@ < *P@`m@  )  `&@`@P@ _"2222222222222*>@d