Nebraska Secretary of State Robert B. Evnen

Nebraska Secretary of State Election Results

Robert B. Evnen

Unofficial Results: Primary Election - May 12, 2020

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Metropolitan Community College For Board of Governors - Non-Partisan

108712520252205NON District 0310
NON Party Dave Pantos 8,99526.39%
NON Party Adam Gotschall 9,65828.34%
NON Party Cameron J. Gales 7,58822.26%
NON Party Gerald Mike Kuhn 7,84423.01%
 Total Votes34,085100%  

Douglas County

Precincts Reporting: 237/237 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/237
0110871205 2370237
NON Party Dave Pantos 8,13627.09%
NON Party Adam Gotschall 8,22427.38%
NON Party Cameron J. Gales 6,73622.43%
NON Party Gerald Mike Kuhn 6,93823.10%
 Total Votes30,034100%  

Washington County

Precincts Reporting: 15/15 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/15
2910871205 15015
NON Party Dave Pantos 85921.20%
NON Party Adam Gotschall 1,43435.40%
NON Party Cameron J. Gales 85221.03%
NON Party Gerald Mike Kuhn 90622.36%
 Total Votes4,051100%