Nebraska Secretary of State Robert B. Evnen

Nebraska Secretary of State Election Results

Robert B. Evnen

Unofficial Results: Primary Election - May 10, 2022

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Last Updated: 5/20/2022 1:00:13 PM

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For Member of the Legislature - Non-Partisan

1126835035111NON District 4810
NON Party Don L. Lease II1,36623.39%
NON Party Brian Hardin 2,63845.17%
NON Party Talon Cordle 2313.96%
NON Party Scott Shaver 1,31422.50%
NON Party Jeremiah Jake Teeple 2914.98%
 Total Votes5,840100%  

Banner County

Precincts Reporting: 1/1 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/1
8511268111 101
NON Party Don L. Lease II11247.86%
NON Party Brian Hardin 7431.62%
NON Party Talon Cordle 20.85%
NON Party Scott Shaver 2711.54%
NON Party Jeremiah Jake Teeple 198.12%
 Total Votes234100%  

Kimball County

Precincts Reporting: 5/5 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/5
7111268111 505
NON Party Don L. Lease II18523.84%
NON Party Brian Hardin 30339.05%
NON Party Talon Cordle 486.19%
NON Party Scott Shaver 18523.84%
NON Party Jeremiah Jake Teeple 557.09%
 Total Votes776100%  

Scotts Bluff County

Precincts Reporting: 29/29 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/29
2111268111 29029
NON Party Don L. Lease II1,06922.13%
NON Party Brian Hardin 2,26146.81%
NON Party Talon Cordle 1813.75%
NON Party Scott Shaver 1,10222.82%
NON Party Jeremiah Jake Teeple 2174.49%
 Total Votes4,830100%